Help make RadPsyNet useful for radical/progressive/critical psychologists

RadPsyNet on the Web

We need your help to gather content and (if you have the skills, or want to learn them) to format html files for the web.

Can you help expand our offerings? Some possibilities:

  • update notices (conferences, political actions, etc.)
  • expand and reorganize the directory of organizations of interest to radical psychologists
  • create a directory of relevant email discussion lists
  • find other critical psychology resources
  • expand the book review section
  • find and develop reading lists
  • list and describe journals radical psychologists read, and should read
  • write an opinion piece or analytical article to add to our Documents (see below)
  • organize and post debates on relevant topics
  • make sure we're registered with Web search engines correctly
  • do some publicity for the sites--contact organizations with newsletters, etc.

Still worth doing...

The following is a modified list from one of our old paper newsletters.

  • Reports on your current research on RadPsy-related topics
  • Advice on getting published--and the experiences that advice is based on
  • Teaching issues: How do you raise radical perspectives with your students?
  • Student issues: How do you raise radical perspectives with your professors?
  • Therapy issues: What's "radical therapy" like today?
  • Job hunting hints
  • Job hunting horror stories
  • Dissertation ideas in progress: Requests for assistance
  • Information about other psychology organizations--APA divisions, APS, etc.
  • Information about radical organizations our members might want to investigate
  • Descriptions of journals amenable to radical perspectives
  • Reports about interesting email discussion lists
  • Reports on the popular and radical press--What's of interest?
  • Notices of upcoming conferences, calls for papers, job vacancies, etc.
  • Comments on other website documents
  • Funny stories
  • Artwork

Beyond the web

Check out the list of "Fantasies and Future Directions" that we devised back in 1993 right after our founding meeting.

Nothing directly web-related there--but lots of directions for activities for radical psychologists to consider.

Input from students is especially welcome!

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