Radical Psychology
Spring 2002.


Editorial Foreword

Over the last year the production of our journal has taken much time through various reasons. One of them was the very few responses to a call for papers about a subject that our editorial Board considered as interesting for a special issue. Moshe Landsman volunteered as our special issue editor on Activism in Psychology. We gave the subject of Activism in Psychology a chance, but unfortunately because of few submissions, this number has become small and even diverted from the subject of choice. However, we thank Moshe Landsman for his efforts and for editing this present issue. We also thank Michael McCubbin for doing such an excellent job as book review editor. We hope in the near future to present an issue with more articles and book reviews. In addition, we will increase our production speed. Last but not least, we welcome and thank our new webmaster Hugo Gonzales.

Enjoy this number and please send in your radical submissions!

Shlomit C. Schuster
Managing Editor

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