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Dealing With or Preventing Burnout in Activist Work

Neil Wollman

Unpublished Paper


The below hints focus on actions or mental attitudes you can cultivate to prevent or deal with burnout (whose symptoms include irritability, feelings of hopelessness/helplessness/cynicism, non-enjoyment of activities enjoyed in the past, difficulty in making decisions, inability to stay focussed, and fatigue or other physical effects). There are, of course, various societal and organizational factors that will impact strongly on whether burnout will develop, be it particular world crises or a workplace culture that discourages taking days off after high stress periods. Though you may be far removed, physically, from a world crisis, you can potentially help create a work environment more conducive to positive mental health.

Depending on the situation and your personal makeup, various measures can help limit burnout or prevent it; see which ideas fit you best:


Neil Wollman
Department. of Psychology
Manchester College
N. Manchester, IN 46962

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