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Style Guidelines

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Radical Psychology uses APA style.  The following exceptions are made:

  • The use of gender neutral constructions such as s/he, (s)he, and he/she are actively encouraged
  • The term "subject" is allowed in non-experimental works
  • The use of footnotes and endnotes is encouraged
  • Preparing Manuscripts

    Manuscripts should be prepared as single spaced documents with a single carriage return between paragraphs and no tabs. Manuscripts can be sent (in order of preference) Word Perfect, Word, Rich Text Format, Plain Text with Line Breaks, or Plain Text.

    If you are using plain text please include formatting direction in the text itself for example: [begin paragraph] [begin italics] [end italics] [center]

    Submitting Manuscripts

    Manuscripts submitted to the following address: Brenda LeFrancois blefrancois@laurentian.ca by way of email attachment. If you are unable to use email attachments please contact us and we will make alternative arrangements.

    Article Length

    Articles can be between 2,000 to 8,000 words. Longer articles may require longer review periods.


    Illustrations, photos, figures, charts and diagrams can be in either in JPEG or GIF format. Please indicate where you would like the image to placed in the document by using the following format [place Fig1.jpg about here centered]. The file name should match the name indicated in the text. Please include any special formatting instructions (e.g., centered, left - , or right- justified) in the brackets as well. Images may be altered to reduce file size.

    Note:     Whenever possible, refer to online sources rather than paper sources.

    Links to relevant online resources:

    APA style online