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Call for Papers

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Radical Psychology: A Journal of Psychology, Politics and Radicalism provides a forum for scholars interested in social justice and the betterment of human welfare but dissatisfied with the manner in which mainstream psychology has addressed these issues.

We invite submissions for a special edition on the survivor's voice. The special edition seeks conceptual and empirical manuscripts that address any issue relevant to the voice of survivors, which may include but is not limited to: civil rights issues, the psychiatric survivor movement, professional power, 'big pharma', treatment alternatives, user-run services, alliance building.

Deadline: 19 November 2006

Length: 2,000 -- 8, 000 words


More generally, we would like to receive papers that address questions, problems, or advance issues in subjects such as:

Subjects addressed by the journal are not limited to the above mentioned.

Please refer to style guidelines.

Send queries and/or manuscripts to Brenda LeFrancois or Dan Aalbers


Radical Psychology is an international journal that uses a blind peer review process.