Radical Psychology
Spring 2005


Editorial Foreword

Radical Psychology
Critical Explorations in Mind and Behavior (special issue)
Spring 2005, Vol. 4, No. 1

The editorial foreword that I wrote in the previous issue appeared in the Spring issue of 2002. I had expressed the hope that in the future we would increase our production speed, but alas, the opposite of that happened. I suddenly was confronted with a call to come to the Netherlands where my mother had been hospitalized and was then in a very serious condition. Not knowing how long this situation would last I asked Michael McCubbin to step in as a guest editor, a task Michael took upon himself wholeheartedly. Most unfortunately, Michael had to face a severe medical condition himself and the reviewing processes were severely delayed. To say the least, “all is well that ends well”. Michael recovered from the stroke, and even my aged mother got back home, and finally also this journal is out. I do not dare to make any good wishes for increasing the production speed of our journal anymore, but be assured we will keep working on it. To avoid the impression that we have a great back log of articles we will elegantly skip Vol. 3.2 and launch this volume as Vol.4.1.

Enjoy this number and please send in your radical submissions!
Shlomit C. Schuster
Managing Editor

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