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Applying Critical Psychology

As RadPsyNet members and critical psychologists, we try to incorporate our values into our daily work. But that's not easy. We often find ourselves in universities, clinics, and other settings dominated by mainstream psychologists with little tolerance for those who seek to redirect psychological research, teaching, and practice. So many people still seek advice on how to practice psychology critically.

Fortunately, success is possible! It may never be easy, but the path can become less frustrating when we share our strategies, discuss together alternative approaches, and provide support for one another's efforts.

A major advance in our work occurred in August, 2001, at the Monterey Bay Conference on Critical Psychology--the first critical psychology conference in North America. Organized by Sandra Pacheco of California State University-Monterey Bay, her former student Dawn Scavo, and long-time RadPsyNet member Tod Sloan, the conference brought together about 60 critical psychologists--including many students--for four days of discussion, planning, and bonding.

As the conference progressed, it became clear that much useful work is already being done by critical psychologists. In fact, organizing the conference was itself an important example of how to create settings conducive to critical work. We're already looking forward to the next one!

This page brings together a variety of resources on applying critical psychology. Please let us know of others!

Applying Critical Psychology in Diverse Settings

Guidelines for "doing psychology critically" are adapted by Isaac Prilleltensky from the forthcoming book Doing Psychology Critically: Making a Difference in Diverse Settings (Isaac Prilleltensky & Geoff Nelson, Macmillan/Palgrave).

Assessing Psychological Approaches

This first table is a framework for assessing the values, assumptions, and practices of psychological approaches.

The other tables use this framework for practicing critically in diverse settings and for training in critical psychology.

Table 1: Critical Psychology Framework for Assessing Psychological Approaches

Practicing Critical Psychology in Diverse Settings

Guidelines for Practice in....

Table 4: ... Health Settings
Table 5: ... Work Settings
Table 6: ... Community Settings

Training in Critical Psychology

Guidelines for....

Table 7: ... Training
Table 8: ... Teaching
Table 9: ... Research

Critical Psychology Teaching Materials

RadPsyNet Documents

Papers by members on a variety of subjects

Relevant Books

Also available on-line: Chapter summaries of Critical Psychology: An Introduction (edited by Dennis Fox & Isaac Prilleltensky)

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