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28 January 1998

Dear Radpsynetters,

I'm putting together a reading pack for a core module in Critical Psychology for our MSc programme (scheduled to start this September).

I would like your reactions and thoughts (different things?). We're going to use the Fox & Prilleltensky book Critical Psychology: An Introduction as our main text with classic papers from the radical traditions in psychology in a dialogue with it.

If you think one of these isn't 'critical' or you have a suggestion for something that is a classic that really should be included, please let me know asap (and maybe send me a copy, realmail?).

Thanks in advance,


Ian Parker
Professor of Psychology
Discourse Unit
Bolton Institute
Deane Road
Bolton BL3 5AB UK
e-mail: i.a.parker@bolton.ac.uk
website: http://www.sar.bolton.ac.uk/psych/
tel: (+44) (0)1204 903150
fax: (+44) (0)1204 399074

[Website note: Chapters listed as "F&P" refer to Critical Psychology: An Introduction. The book's full contents are listed below. Introductions to all 19 chapters are available on the web.]

Part One: History and Theory


F&P Chapter - Intro. Prilleltensky and Fox

Ingleby, D. (1972) Ideology and the human sciences: Some comments on the role of reification in psychology and psychiatry.

F&P Chapter - History. Harris

Wertz, F. J. (1994) Of rats and psychologists: A study of the history and meaning of science.


F&P Chapter - Critical Theory. Richardson and Fowers

Sampson, E. (1989) The deconstruction of the self.

F&P Chapter - Discursive. Parker

Holzkamp, K. (1992) On doing psychology critically.


F&P Chapter - Intelligence. Cernovsky

Rose, N. (1979) The psychological complex: Mental measurement and social administration.

Carey, A. (1977) The Lysenko syndrome in western social science. *?

F&P Chapter - Law. Fox

Part Two: Individuality and Abnormality


F&P Chapter - Personality. Sloan

F&P Chapter - Developmental. Burman

Riegel, K. F. (1976) The dialectics of human development. ?or anti dev from Morss?

Haraway, D. (1989) Metaphors into hardware: Harry Harlow and the technology of love.


Sampson, E. (1981) Cognitive psychology as ideology.

Billig, M. (1985) Prejudice, categorization and particularization.

Ratner, C. (1971) Totalitarianism and individualism in psychology.

Broughton, J. (1988) The masculine authority of the cognitive.


F&P Chapter - Abnormal. Hare-Mustin and Maracek

Brown, P. (1981) Antipsychiatry and the left.

Jacoby, R. (1975) Theory and Therapy II: Laing and Cooper.

Pilgrim, D. (1992) Psychotherapy and political evasions.

Part Three: Culture and Difference


F&P Chapter - Social. Pancer

Harre (1974) The positivist-empiricist approach and its alternative.

Moghaddam, F. M. (1987) Psychology in the three worlds: As reflected by the crisis in social psychology and the move toward indigenous third world psychology.

Plon, M. (1974) On the notion of conflict and its study in social psychology.


F&P Chapter - Cross-Cultural. Moghaddam and Studer

Bulhan, H. A. (1993) Imperialism in studies of the psyche: A critique of African psychological research.

Howitt, D. and Owusu-Bempah, J. (1994) The racism of psychology chapter.

Sloan, T. S. (1990) Psychology for the Third World?


F&P Chapter - Feminist. Wilkinson

Weisstein, N. (1973) Psychology constructs the female: Or, the fantasy life of the male psychologist.

F&P Chapter - Lesbian and Gay. Kitzinger

Brown, L. S. (1989) New voices, new visions: Toward a lesbian/gay paradigm for psychology.


Part Four: Moral/Political Engagement


F&P Chapter - Qualitative. Kidder and Fine

Danziger, K. (1985) The methodological imperative in psychology.

F&P Chapter - Ethics. Brown

Mixon, D. (1974) If you won't deceive what can you do?


F&P Chapter - Political. Montero

Martin-Baro, I. (1994) chapter from the Liberation Psychology book.

F&P Chapter - Community. Prilleltensky and Nelson

Riger, S. (1993) What's wrong with empowerment?


F&P Chapter - Critical look. Rappaport and Stewart

F&P Chapter - Practice. Nightingale and Neilands

Chamberlin, J. (1990) The ex-patients' movement: Where we've been and where we're going.

Oliver, M. & Zarb, G. (1989).The Politics of Disability: A New Approach. Disability, Handicap and Society, 4(3), 221-239


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Critical Psychology: An Introduction

Dennis Fox and Isaac Prilleltensky, Editors

1997. Sage Publications.

Part I: Critical Overviews


Introducing Critical Psychology: Values, Assumptions and the Status Quo

Isaac Prilleltensky &
Dennis Fox


Repoliticizing the History of Psychology

Benjamin Harris


Qualitative Inquiry in Psychology: A Radical Tradition

Louise H. Kidder &
Michelle Fine


Ethics in Psychology: Cui Bono?

Laura S. Brown


Understanding and Practicing Critical Psychology

David Nightingale &
Tor Neilands

Part II: Critical Arenas


Theories of Personality: Ideology and Beyond

Tod Sloan


Abnormal and Clinical Psychology: The Politics of Madness

Rachel T. Hare-Mustin &
Jeanne Marecek


A Critical Look at Intelligence Research

Zack Z. Cernovsky


Developmental Psychology and its Discontents

Erica Burman


Social Psychology: The Crisis Continues

S. Mark Pancer


Community Psychology: Reclaiming Social Justice

Isaac Prilleltensky &
Geoffrey Nelson


Cross Cultural Psychology: The Frustrated Gadfly's Promises, Potentialities and Failures

Fathali M. Moghaddam &
Charles Studer


Lesbian and Gay Psychology: A Critical Analysis

Celia Kitzinger


Psychology and Law: Justice Diverted

Dennis Fox


Political Psychology: A Critical Perspective

Maritza Montero

Part III: Critical Theories


Feminist Psychology

Sue Wilkinson


Critical Theory, Postmodernism, and Hermeneutics: Insights for Critical Psychology

Frank C. Richardson &
Blaine J. Fowers


Discursive Psychology

Ian Parker

Part IV: Critical Reflections


A Critical Look at Critical Psychology: Elaborating the Questions

Julian Rappaport &
Eric Stewart


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